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Our Quality Guarantee

Our number one priority here at D.A. Construction is to ensure that our customers are as happy as can be with their roof and home. All of our crew members work on their projects as if they were their own homes, this makes so that the customer receives the best quality services as possible. 

We guarantee the highest level of professionalism to keep your home safe and secured no matter the circumstance. We achieve success with all projects, as e have had over 400 roofs completed in the past couple of years and all were completed in accordance with the customer's wants. 

Thank you for considering D.A. Construction to build your dream project, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

The Process:

Our Suppliers:

Another way we assure our customers they are receiving the best possible quality roof work is by using the best materials. Listed below are the brands of all the materials we buy based on your preference. GAF, CertainTeed and Apex are the top of the line companies when it comes to roofing materials. We only purchase from these companies to always achieve the best quality and longest lasting roofs on the market. 

Procore also makes it easier for you the customer to keep up to date with updates from the project. contact us for more information!

Procore Managing Cloud Software:

Procore is a top of the line construction managing cloud software. We have made the decision to use This cloud software to manage and house all of our projects in order to maximize efficiency and minimize complications with our projects. This allows us to make sure that there is total communication between our team on the field and our office at all times. 

Get an inspection and estimate withing the same day. 

We use drones to inspect and measure your roof. This allows for quick and efficient inspections to save you time!

Get an inspection and estimate withing the same day. 

Our crew makes sure to leave a job in perfect condition and clean life their own home.

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